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Can an inflatable be used indoors?
Yes - our our units can be set up indoors or outdoors. Your ceiling height must be at least 16' high. The unit can not be near any hot lights, vents or other fire hazards

How does the inflatable stay blown up?
We provide an enclosed blower that must remain on the entire time the unit is in use. The blower must be within 100 feet of an electrical outlet. No Power - No Problem, Bounce Arena Party Rentals can also supply power. Generators for power are available for an additional fee, and MUST be scheduled early.

How much room will I need?
For everyone's comfort and safety, a minimum of 3' is needed on every side of your bounce, slide, obstacle course, or other inflatable arena. For example you will need 21' x 21' for a 15' x 15' module bouncer, and a 21' x 24' area for our 15' x 18' combo bouncers.

How many people fit in a bouncer?
Common sense and circumstances dictate our Inflatables capacities. While, children's sizes vary, we have found the following chart helpful in most circumstances when planning your event. Ages 6 and under...8-10 children, Ages 7-12...6-8 children, Ages 13-16...4-6 teens, Adults...2-4 people.

How far in advance must I book my reservation?
To ensure availability of your favorite unit and attendant, we ask that you set your reservations as early as possible. Reservations are accepted upon unit and attendant availabilty up until the day of your event.

What happens if it rains or there are high winds?
Your guests and their safety will always be our guiding factor. Events may be canceled due to poor weather conditions at the discretion of Bounce Arena Party Rentals, Inc. The inflatables can not be used in the rain or if the winds are 25 miles and hour or stronger. This is unsafe for your children. There will be no refunds once the unit is delivered. If there is a sudden change in the weather (rain or winds) after we set up, we ask that the children exit the unit. Once the rain stops you can dry the unit with your towels. Once the unit is dry it will be safe to use again.

Who sets up the inflatable?
A Bounce Arena Attendant will setup and take down the inflatable for you.

When does my inflatable get setup?
Unless some other arrangements have been made, your rentals will be delivered in time to be setup for your scheduled contract start time. The rentals will be delivered no less than 15 minutes prior to the requested start time.

How do I Make a reservation?
You can call us at (845) 534-8980, you can go onto the contact us via our website or you can email us at BounceArena@aol.com.

Can I cancel my reservation?
For orders cancelled 10 days prior to the event date Bounce Arena Party Rentals will issue a refund of your deposit in full. Deposits will not be refunded for orders cancelled 9 or less days before the event date.

When do you need my deposit?
Deposits must be received within one week of the reservation to ensure product and attendant availability.

Can we have extra attendants?
Trained Bounce Arena attendants can help make your events run smoothly and we encourage you to take advantage of their experience in running a safe AND entertaining event. We do want to remind you to make your arrangements as early as possible.

When do I pay my balance?
The balance of your order, if any, will be collected by our attendant prior to setting up your affair.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, we carry liability insurance. Some places such as schools, municipal parks and corporately-owned properties may require a certificate of insurance. If your event location requires a certificate of insurance, please let us know and we will provide it prior to your event date.

What is a frame tent?
A pole tent requires a set of poles arranged beneath the vinyl top to support the structure. The top is tensioned over the poles and attached to anchoring devices (stakes) at tensioned points around the perimeter of the tent top.

What is a Pole tent?
A pole tent requires a set of poles arraigned beneath the vinyl top to support the structure. The top is tensioned over the poles and attached to anchoring devices (stakes) at tensioned points around the perimeter of the tent top.

What is a pinnacle tent?
A pinnacle frame tent is assembled with a cross-cable frame system that uses tension suspension to create a stylish peak. The tension cables allows the tent to require less fittings and poles.

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